Software M&A Advisory Fees
Simple and Transparent Pricing

Pure Success-Fee Model

4% - 6%
Success Fee
as % of the sales price, depending on deal size and complexity
âś… No upfront fees.
âś… No retainers.
‍✅ No long-term lock-ins.

Array Capital's minimum success fee is $50,000

No sale? No fee.
If we can't sell your software company, you pay nothing.

How We Earn Our Fee Back
(Ideally, a few times over!)

A good M&A advisor should earn their fee back

The core of our pitch is that selling your business with Array Capital will result in a higher payout, even after our fees, and a lot less stress.

  • Higher Valuation
    The right go-to-market strategy, storytelling, professional materials, thorough outreach, auction dynamics, and negotiation can easily result in a 15-30% higher valuation than what a first-time seller could achieve alone.

  • Increased Success Rate
    Not just the valuation but the probability of selling the business also increases when working with a good advisor. We know what factors derail deals and avoid them before they appear.

  • Less Stress and Headache
    Selling a business is stressful. There is not much to sugarcoat about it. But running a sales process and a company simultaneously is more than stressful: it's counterproductive and can hurt the business itself. Having a trusted advisor on your side to run the sales process makes an exit less stressful and likely more successful.

Software M&A Fees

Our Services
What is included in our fee

We set a realistic target valuation for your business that can be achieved in the current environment.
Pre-sale Preparation
We help you prepare the business for sale so it's in the best possible condition when it's presented to buyers.
Company Presentation
We prepare a highly detailed prospectus that tells a convincing story and inspires prospective buyers to act.
Financial Model
We create granular financials with all the standard SaaS metrics to help buyers quickly understand your business and confidently move forward.
Thorough Outreach
We conduct a thorough outreach and reach both strategic and financial buyers, turning every stone to find you the best possible buyer.
Auction Sales Process
We attract multiple parties and conduct a tightly run auction process. This drives up valuation and ensures that the transaction has strong momentum.
Negotiation Support
We lead the negotiations and work hard to get the best possible terms while being careful not to jeopardize the deal.
Due Diligence Support
We prepare your Data Room and make support you throughout the due diligence process to advance toward closing.
Closing Support
We coordinate with the lawyers,
accountants, tax, and other M&A advisors to ensure the transaction is closed promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions
About selling a software business

circle dot

Hong long is the sales process?

It varies a lot, but here is a quick overview:

- 3 months is quick. The stars are aligned.
- 6 months is average. Business as usual.
- 9-12 months is long. But it does happen.
This is the length of the entire process, from starting the preparation to receiving the money from the buyer.


Do you charge any upfront fees?

No. Array Capital works on a pure success-fee basis when selling a business. We don't charge upfront fees or retainers. There are no hidden fees. You'll only get an invoice from us when your business is sold.

What do I need to get started?

We need just a few things to get started:

- Complete profit & loss statement for the past two years.
- High-quality revenue data to prepare cohort analysis, churn, LTV, etc. calculations. This can be the source data from the payment processor/platform or a third-party analytics tool like Baremetrics or Chartmogul.

- Clean legal background.

If you have all that, all you need to do is book your Discovery Call here.

How much time do I need to commit?

We'll do much of the heavy lifting, but certain tasks need the involvement of the founder / CEO. The initial workload is relatively light; it will be 1-2 hours weekly.

However, as the sales process evolves, we reach the point where (ideally) multiple buyers will want to speak with the founders/management and ask questions about the business. If negotiations with numerous buyers progress in parallel, the sales process can quickly go from taking up a few hours a week to a few hours a day of your time.

We'll do our best to control how much time the sales process consumes from your schedule. The reality is that selling a business is tough, even with an experienced M&A advisor on your side. Some late-night calls and sacrificed weekends are almost often part of it, especially toward the end of the process.

What if my business doesn't sell?

This can happen. Contrary to popular belief, selling a small business is significantly more challenging than selling a large one.

As the business grows, the number of sophisticated buyers with ample capital grows proportionally. This is true until around $500M in enterprise value when the company becomes too large for most buyers, and the number of qualified buyers drops again.

Finding qualified buyers for a software business with $25M in revenue is easier than for one with $5M. Also, as the size grows, buyers tend to get more professional with more secure funding/execution abilities. In other words, the probability of getting the deal done increases.

That being said, there is a lot of interest in smaller SaaS assets too. We've sold many SaaS under $500K ARR. And several software roll-up companies appeared in the past few years that specialize in the $1M to $10M ARR range.

If we can't sell your business and our exclusivity is over, you can give us more time, take the company to another M&A advisor, or try selling it yourself. Since we don't charge any upfront fees, the process won't cost you a dime.

Do I need my own layer / accountant?

Yes. We don't advise on legal or accounting matters, as these vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

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